Loving ...

I don't take love lightly. It is more than an infatuation, comfort, or a connection. It is loyalty, trust, and intense pleasure. Those standards keep my list short but it will change as I explore, change, and discover. Until then, a few things I love now...

Restaurants in Colorado
        Fuel Cafe

Specialty Local Food Shop
         In Season Local Market

Favorite Cookbooks
        Colorado Organic, cooking seasonally, eating locally, Jen Olson
        Bouchon, Thomas Keller

Saturday Morning Activity
        Boulder Farmer's Market

Most Delicious Organic Produce
        Cure Organic Farms, Boulder Colorado

Remarkable Coffee
      Conscious Coffees, Boulder Colorado
Inspiring Food Blogs
        Chocolate and Zucchini

Food Photography
       Jen @ Jennifer Olson Photography for food photography

Best meal in a long time
       Le Pigeon, Portland Oregon

Best cocktail I have ever had
        Honeysuckle Infused Frizzante- Robuchon, London

Fun authentic not-to-be-missed meal in Paris
        Robert et Louise