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Cooking, writing, eating, and bragging about food victories and failures as often humanly possible. 




I am a freelance food writer and the author of this blog. I am Romanian but have lived in Denver for nearly ten years. I have a three year old girl, a husband, a law degree, and a lot of opinions - most of them on food. I salsa dance, devour books, speak five languages, ski the bunny slopes, and perpetually try to stop my head from spinning when it comes to math. 
I judge you by your pantry - the canned, boxed, and pre-packaged stuff you buy and consume. I am addicted to making stock, butter, and granola. I think portabello mushrooms have no place on my plate, almond extract no business in a baked treat, and bean sprouts no room in my curry. I find lemon zest to be under-rated, shallots under-valued, and lamb to be under-appreciated. When I don't cook or write, I scour the city for the best food finds, ingredients and eateries alike.
I live with my husband, daughter Louise, and a Persian cat in a swanky residence at Taxi II

Several years ago, on a Sunday, I walked into my friendly neighborhood yoga studio exactly at 10am for a 10am class. A new instructor with a feisty attitude wasn’t exactly pleased with my timing. That was Jen. She is a woman of many talents and became my friend and now an essential collaborator on the imagery of my cooking. 
Jen is a photographer based in Boulder, Colorado.  A lengthy career in the restaurant business led her to food photography.  She loves  salt, cooking, yoga, taking pictures with her honey and hiking with her dog Moses.  You can find more of her work at www.jenniferolson.com.
More than just photographing food, Jen is the creator of the cookbook Colorado Organic, Cooking Seasonally, Eating Locally, a celebration of four local eating seasons complete with stories from eight of Colorado’s farmers and recipes from eight of Colorado’s top chefs who integrate locally-grown ingredients into their restaurants. www.seasonalandlocal.com 

Occasional Appearances 

The toddler- Lulu (real name Louise), is now nearly three. She is my toughest critic and my biggest source of stress when cooking. I just want her to eat it. Parents of toddlers out there know what I am talking about. The rest of you- you will likely go through this at one point. Lulu has a developed palate but a small appetite. Some days it seems like she can live on air, other days she will eat a whole jar of duck rillettes. 
French Press Memos came into existence out of my love for writing and cooking. It is an outlet for my stories and a way of sharing my passion for food. 
The blog was born on – 02-01-2010 – a date chosen because of its funny number combination. Every now and then I play with the time of a post- I change it to match the date or switch it into something interesting to me - only sometimes.
Finding a name that was appealing, reflective of my personality and goals for the blog was challenging and I’d lie if I said I am perfectly content with the name. Some days I doubt the choice, some days it feels just right. Why French Press Memos though? The French Press part comes from my obsession with nicely brewed coffee that is worth the extra step of being prepared in the French press. The Memos part is just a play on my work- legal memorandums. The French Press Memos are my fun caffeinated writing outlet. 
The stories I share are, to me, at least as important as the recipes. They are personal and somehow, sometimes through a very circuitous trajectory, related to the recipes. I write the way I cook- from the heart. 
My goal is to make you smile, think, and want to and to cook! 
The future at French Press Memos holds a better website. At some point, soon hopefully, I will find the motivation, inspiration, energy, and drive to direct the creation of a better website. It will be simple yet more accessible allowing you, the reader, to navigate easier, to find the recipes, tips, stories, and the rest of the braggery.